Ravelry prices of my crochet patterns will soon be in €uros

I’ve seen it coming for a while, but I waited as long as I could:

  • Because the rate of the $ (USD) keeps going down vs the €uros,
  • because designing and selling crochet patterns, along with translation of knitting and crochet patterns, is my main job and only source of income

Crochet patterns on Ravelry, designed by Sylvie Damey

I have finally decided that on friday April 6th 2018  I’ll be changing all the prices of my patterns on RAVELRY into €uros.

They will thus be aligned with the pricing of my main ETSY store SylvieDameyCrochet.


For those of you who prefer to shop in US Dollars ($), you will still be able to do so on Craftsy or my 2nd Etsy store FrenchStyleCrochet.


PS – that means that you still have a few days to take advantage of the lower prices on Ravelry this week 😉

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