No gauge crochet patterns

Do you HATE making a gauge swatch ?
Have TONS of yarn and yet can never find the right one for a pattern ?
Wish you could crochet right away once you decide you like a certain yarn ?

Then you should LOVE those “no gauge, any size” patterns: Just pick you favorite yarn and take ONE body measurement (for some patterns simply divide this measurement by 2 or 4). That’s it: You’re all set and can start crocheting right away, to make:

Find all these patterns on RAVELRY or ETSY

Want even more ideas to use up your stash of yarn ? With my sideways shawl patterns you can easily use any yarn-weight as well. The pattern instructions are written especially to adjust automatically, whether you use thin yarns or bulky yarns. Likewise, you can choose to make a smaller or longer shawl, the pattern will work for any length you want.

Find the patterns for the Camargue shawl or Dancing Marguerites shawl on ETSY or RAVELRY.

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