Last updated March 2022: yes I still do translations of french knitting and crochet patterns 😉
** FRANCAIS: Oui, je traduis aussi les patrons de tricot, crochet et couture anglais! **

Trying to knit using french patterns ? I hope you’ll find my article, “Knitting from the french” useful ! If you still need help though, I can also translate french knitting & crochet patterns for you, simply contact me for a quote.

Derspite my tendency to use mostly english/american patterns, french IS my native language
 and I was taught to knit in french.
I’ve published all my knitting & crochet patterns in both english and french for over 15 years, both on my website and in various international publications:, 2 of the “One skein wonder” book series, UK crochet magazine ect…
I’m now a professional translator, specialising in textile crafts. I work for large companies (Among my customers are french yarn companies “BergĂšre de France“ and “DeRerum Natura“, french book editors “Editions de Saxe“ & “Editions Eyrolles”, Canadian Yarn company “KnitCa”
) and many independent designers.

I’ve also translated books into french for several french book editors :

  • The “Little black dress” by Simon Henry
  • Betty Barnden’s “75 floral blocks to crochet”
  • “Sewing Machine Secrets: The Insider’s Guide to Mastering your Machine” by Nicole Vasbinder
    Ma petite robe noire Livre de couture traduit par Sylvie Damey

INDIE DESIGNERS wishing to reach a wider audience, I can translate your patterns either from english to french, OR from french to english, with optional tech-editing. Contact me for details !

Examples of some of the patterns I’ve translated for indie designers:

  • Several sweater knitting patterns from Sophie Ochera, translated from english to french
  • Several shawl and sweater knitting patterns translated from english to french for DeRerumNatura
  • Several amigurumi crochet patterns by ThĂ©odore and Rose, translated from english to french
  • Several sweater knitting patterns by Lille Larsen, translated from english to french
  • “Picnic” shawl knitting pattern, by AndrĂ©e Bedooe, translated from english to french
  • Lisa Chemery‘s “Entrechat” and “Baby + toddler tiered coat & jacket”, knitting patterns translated from english to french.
  • “Wingspan” shawl  by maylin Tri’Coterie Designs, knitting pattern translated from english to french
  • Soudane’s doll knitting patterns, translated from french to english
  • Agnes Dominique‘s “Salsa sweater” and many other knitting patterns, translated from french to english.
  • and so many more

KNITTERS – CROCHETERS willing to use french patterns:

* If you purchased a pattern from a company/book/designer and would like a translation of this pattern, you’ll need the written CONSENT of designer/publisher first (Jared Flood, Ysolda, Veera Valimaki & Kate Davis
 have already given me their ok to translate their patterns for private use).

* Then send me a pdf, scan (or good digital picture) of the pattern (along with copy of consent from designer/publisher) and I will send you a free quote for the translation.

* I usually charge between $15 and $50 per pattern, depending on its length and complexity. (Average patterns would be around $28). Yet some patterns are extra short and I’ll quote only $12, and others are super long and/or complex (esp. with indie designer patterns), and I’ll quote up to $70+ to translate them: Send me the pattern you want translated for a free quote.

* I often translate patterns directly into the size you plan to make. That saves both time and typos. Otherwise, add $2-$8 to the quoted price for all sizes.

* I can only accept Paypal or cheques in Euros. Contact me for more information or a quote.

What (some of my) customers said :

    • Thank you so much Sylvie 🤗🤗🤗. Allana O.
    • Bonsoir Sylvie, Merci beaucoup c’est top !Bonne soirĂ©e, Ingrid
    • ChĂšre Madame, VoilĂ  grĂące Ă  vous j’ai pu tricoter ma robe! Encore mille mercis pour votre aide . Bien amicalement. M.-Th. V. 🥰
    • Wow!  That was fast! Thank you so much, Nancy MG.
    • Oh wow, super rapide: merci beaucoup Sylvie!!! TrĂšs bon weekend Ă  vous aussi. Sophie O.
    • Bonsoir, Ohhh merci beaucoup c’est trĂšs gentil quelle rapiditĂ© !!!
      Je vous suis trÚs reconnaissante. Je vous enverrai une photo.
      TrĂšs bonne soirĂ©e et bonnes fĂȘtes Ă  vous et Ă  ceux que vous aimez. M.-Th. V.
    • Bonjour Sylvie, merci beaucoup pour cette traduction ! Vous avez raison, c’est toujours utile d’avoir des repĂšres visuels : je penserai Ă  joindre ce genre de contenu en plus de la version texte la prochaine fois 🙂 Je vous souhaite une belle semaine ! CĂ©line
    • Merci. A bientĂŽt pour d’autres traductions. Martine V.
    • Thank you very much Sylvie for both of your translations.(..) I hope you have a wonderful weekend. Kind regards, Alanna
    • Thank you so much! My wife was very excited when I printed it out and gave it to her tonight 🙂 She said it looks great and is going to get started on it right away. I really appreciate your work here and for getting it done so quickly!  Thanks again! Brian
    • Bonjour Sylvie, fichier bien reçu, merci beaucoup !
      Nous n’avons finalement pas d’autres traductions Ă  faire dans l’immĂ©diat mais nous vous solliciterons sans doute de nouveau Ă  la rentrĂ©e pour de nouveaux modĂšles si c’est possible pour vous.
      D’ici lĂ , je vous souhaite un bel Ă©tĂ© !  CĂ©line
    • Bonjour Sylvie, Je vous remercie. Tout est parfait. Je viens d’éditer la traduction. A  bientĂŽt, Florence
    • Merci beaucoup Sylvie pour votre travail parfait! A  trĂšs bientĂŽt!  Catherine D.
    • C’est excellent, merci beaucoup Sylvie!! Bonne semaine Ă  vous, Sophie O.
    • Bonjour, Merci beaucoup pour votre retour. Je ne manquerai pas de revenir vers vous lorsque j’aurai de nouveau besoin d’une traduction tricot. Bien cordialement     Christiane C.
    • Bonjour Sylvie, Bien reçu, merci ! Il me reste Ă  finaliser la mise en page et le patron en anglais sera disponible, je suis ravie! Florence DG
    • Bonjour Sylvie, fichier bien reçu ! Merci beaucoup pour votre efficacité 🙂  CĂ©line
    • Bonjour, OK super et merci. Vous pouvez en faire d’autres dans les jours qui viennent ? Cdt, Benjamin L.
    • Thank! It is very comfortable and pleasant to work with you. May I contact you next time for a translation? I don’t know which one, but as soon as I know, I would like to work with you again. Warm hugs, Marina C.
    • Bonjour Sylvie, merci beaucoup pour votre travail ! Bonne semaine et à bientĂŽt ! CĂ©line
    • Bonjour Sylvie, Un tout grand merci! Bien Ă  toi et bon dimanche, Astrid A.
    • Hello Sylvie..  Thank you very much for this.  (
)  French knitting patterns are certainly very different from English language ones.  But, you have helped no end with your translation (
) Thanks again.  Wishing you a happy 2021.  Jo J.
    • Hello Sylvie,  Thank you so much, I am so happy to have my first pattern available in French! (
) Many thanks. Warm regards, Alanna O.
    • Salut Sylvie, Encore un grand merci pour la traduction! (
) Bien Ă  toi, Astrid A.
    • Merci merci ! Je vais pouvoir m’y mettre ! Prenez soin de vous, Sarah B
    • Merci Sylvie! Document bien reçu 🙂  Anny F.
    • Bonjour Sylvie, merci pour votre travail ! Nous espĂ©rons que vous vous portez bien Ă©galement. Belle journĂ©e et Ă  bientĂŽt ! Solenn C.
    • Bonjour Sylvie, Oh super ! Mais je ne vous demandais pas tant d’abnĂ©gation, vous pouviez profiter de votre 24 dĂ©cembre tranquillement je n’étais quand-mĂȘme pas Ă  quelques jours prĂšs, merci beaucoup ! Je vous souhaite de trĂšs belles et joyeuses fĂȘtes de fin d’annĂ©e et vous remercie encore pour votre travail et votre gentillesse. Bien cordialement, OcĂ©ane L.
    • Thank you so much!!  A lot faster than expected. Kind regards, MarĂ­a InĂ©s S.
    • Merci ! Je viens de finir le dos, la traduction tombe Ă  pic (impossible de dĂ©marrer les torsades sinon !). Bel Ă©tĂ© Ă  vous. Victoire D.
    • Super !!! Merci infiniment , je commence ce soir ! Bonne soirĂ©e ! Isabelle deS
    • Thank you for doing this so fast Sylvie! Have a good weekend x , Yasmin H.
    • Waow!!! Je suis admirative de votre travail! Un grand merci Ă  vous, Bonne soirĂ©e. Cordialement, Anne Sophie P.
    • Thanks for your hard work. Best wishes, Heather C.
    • MERCI BEAUCOUP ! Louise M.
    • Hello Sylvie, thank you very very much for such a fast service! That is amazing! (
) I really appreciate your help! All the best to you,  Angelika L. 🙂
    • I’m very excited and appreciative.  Thank you so much.  Regards, Deb B.
    • Sylvie, thank you for such great and prompt service.  I am putting you in my address book for French translation. Carol S-W
    • Hi Sylvie, Thanks very much. Kate R.
    • Fantastic Sylvie – will give  a quick read. Gretchen A. C
    • Hi Sylvie, Merci beaucoup (my school girl French). SincĂšres amities (curtesy of Google translate!) Tina T.
    • Merci beaucoup  pour votre aide. A bientĂŽt 🙂  Nawel E. K.
    • Merci beaucoup et au plaisir de faire appel Ă  vos talents de traductrice pour un prochain ouvrage. Christine B.
    • Merci beaucoup, Sylvie. Christine H.
    • Merveilleux, quelle efficacitĂ©. Merci encore et bon courage pour tes trad BergĂšre de France de DĂ©cembre. Bises, ML
    • Thank you Sylvie, I don’t know what I’d do without you. Have a great weekend. Best regards, Yasmin H.
    • Hi, Sylvie.This is spectacular. Many, many, thanks!!! I will have another pattern for you soon. Best regards, Tom C.
    • Thank you so much Sylvie! You are the best 🙂 Take care. Maryna
    • Bonjour Sylvie, Un grand merci pour votre rapiditĂ© et pour toutes vos explications personnelles que vous avez bien voulu ajouter et qui me permettront de faire ma veste
(..)Mille mercis pour tout! Cordialement. Christiane B.
    • merci beaucoup, c’est parfait, je vais m’y mettre! JPS
    • Ahhh! Merci beaucoup.(
) Merci encore. Christine B.
    • Thank you, I received it:) Anna K. R.
    • Hi Sylvie, Thank you very much. Now I will go buy Yarn! Beth W.
    • Thanks Sylvie, Just had had a chance to look at my emails today. ( my six grandchildren are visiting). Received the pattern and looking forward to starting it sometime in the near future. Gloria C.
    • Thank-you sooooo much..I’ve managed to knit a baby cardigan whilst waiting 🙂 so will be able to finish the dress now 🙂 Many thanks again Cheryl xx. Cheryl M.
    • Thank you so much for you wonderful service. It was a breeze working with you. I checked the pattern and everything looks wonderful. S.A.M.
    • Bonjour Sylvie, merci pour les traductions et je vous dit Ă  bientĂŽt pour la suite 🙂 BĂ©atrice S.
    • Hi Sylvie, thanks so much for that speedy translation. By good luck the knitting needles I bought online arrived this morning as well, so I’ll get started straight away! Many thanks. Gina T.
    • Thank you, Sylvie. Diane B.
    • Hi Sylvie Thank you very much. Fiona D.
    • Bonsoir Sylvie, Je vous remercie de votre rapiditĂ©, il ne me reste plus qu ÂŽĂ  me mettre aux aiguilles. Merci et peut- ĂȘtre Ă  une autre fois je retiens vos coordonnĂ©s pour les copines. HĂ©lĂšne L.
    • Merci beaucoup, Sylvie! I very much appreciate your hard work. The pattern looks great! I will be happy to recommend you to other Ravelers
. Angela W.
    • Many thanks for this! (
) I can’t tell you how grateful I am for doing this. I can feel an evening of knitting coming on. Alison D.
    • Got it! Thank you. I have read through it and it seems easy to understand. Have ordered yarn and will start as soon as it comes. Will let you know if I find anything confusing. Nancy & Alyssa P.
    • I’m so sorry! I just realized I never thanked you! How rude if me! Thank you so much for taking the time in this!! Nicole F.
    • Merci Boucoup Sylvie, C’est bon. Bonne vacances! Verena H.
    • Great, thank you so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Stefanie A.
    • coucou, Merci je l’ai bien reçue, c’est super ! Ă  bientĂŽt. bises. MarlĂšne P.
    • Bien reçu la traduction ! Merci encore Sylvie. Sarah B.
    • Dear Sylvie, Thanks very much – I appreciate it. You offer a great service and I’m glad I found you. (..) I admire your language skills! Kathy S.
    • Hi Sylvie, That looks like a brilliant help. (..)Many thanks for your help. We do appreciate it. Best wishes, Becky D.
    • Great, thanks so much! Mindy
    • Merci beaucoup !!! Marielle M.
    • Bonsoir, MERCI pour votre conscience professionnelle. Il reste la laine Ă  trouver et le temps pour se mettre Ă  l’ouvrage. Encore MERCI. Cordialement. Annick P.
    • Sylv, Many thanks for the pattern in English – it seems fine (and simple!) Janet
    • merci beaucoup sylvie ! Ă  bientĂŽt pour d’autres ! bises MarlĂšne”
    • Thank you Sylvie! So is the afghan name is called Lacy Plaid? Do you know where I can purchase the yarn online? I looked at La Droguerie but it doesn’t appear they do an online business. I know I can get a substitute but I love La Droguerie. Thank you for translating for me. Lucinda
    • bonjour, comme promis il y a maintenant quelque mois, voici le rĂ©sultat de votre traduction. Je vous remercie encore grĂące Ă  vous, mon amie aura 30 anges Ă  garnir de dragĂ©es pour son mariage. bien cordialement Mme V.
    • Hi Sylv, Thank you very much for the translation. This is s big help, but compared to the English patterns the French patterns as still quite sparse on there instructions. If I have any major problems I may come back for a little more clarification, but hopefully I will be okay. Thanks very much. Karen P.
    • Thank you very much for doing it so fast!!!!!!!!!!!!! Angela V.
    • Bonjour Sylvie, je rentre de vacances, merci pour la traduction. dĂšs que je finis le perry, je vous re sollicite pour une autre traduction. Encore merci Farida
    • bonjour, merci pour votre sĂ©rieux et rapiditĂ©. Je me permets de garder votre adresse au cas ou. J’ai deja commencĂ© le 1er ange, c’est bcp plus facile pour moi en français !!! je vous enverrai une photo dĂšs que j’en aurai terminĂ© un exemplaire de chaque. bien cordialement Mme V.
    • Hi Sylv, I just opened the translation and I am so happy with it. You will be my go to whenever I find a pattern in French. Thank you for your quick translation. Have a wonderful day, Theresa G.
    • Many thanks!!!! I may try it soon! 🙂 Barbara P.
    • Impeccable, merci beaucoup. A-Marie
    • Merci pour la traduction ! A une autre fois peut-etre. Manon
    • Merci beaucoup! Georganne
    • Bonjour, C’est parfait merci beaucoup. EnvoyĂ© dans le temps que vous m’aviez dit en plus^^. Vraiment merci, je garde votre adresse au cas oĂč, j’aurais surement d’autres projet Ă  traduire. Et si j’ai des questions par rapport Ă  ceux lĂ , pendant la rĂ©alisation
 Encore un grand merci. Bonne fin de semaine VALERIE A.
    • Merci Sylvie tu as bien travaillĂ© et merci aussi pour les surlignages ça m’aide vraiment bien. J’espĂšre bien te solliciter encore
. qu’en dis tu ?(
) encore mille mercis. MarlĂšne
    • Bonjour, Bien reçue, merci. Bonne journĂ©e, Laura
    • Sylv, what can I say other than:THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU. merci, merci Ă  vous ! I purchased the yarn yesterday so this is perfect timing. Lovely lace pattern that will be easy to remember. Again, merci and Bon Tricot, Aine
    • Merci pour tout et peut-ĂȘtre Ă  une autre fois pour une traduction ! A-Marie
    • Comme c’est bon de lire votre message, Sylvie ! (
) Merci beaucoup, votre aide m’a Ă©tĂ© prĂ©cieuse. C’est chouette de trouver des gens comme vous sur la toile, sincĂšrement ! Bon week-end et big hugs, Colette
    • Thank you very much Sylvie. You were very fast! I shall look forward to using your translation. I have some silver grey wool silk for the purpose. XX Kind regards, Veronica
    • Bonjour Sylvie, Merci beaucoup pour la traduction, maintenant je sais Ă  qui m’adresser pour les traductions
.. (
) Cordialement, Josette
    • merci de votre travail. Ce que vous nous avez envoyĂ© correspond parfaitement Ă  nos attentes(
). Cela fleure bon l’expĂ©rience et le professionnalisme et c’est extrĂȘmement apprĂ©ciable. Je n’ai donc aucune critique Ă  faire
    • Et bien merci (
) Tu as bien travaillĂ© super ! merci encore et Ă  bientĂŽt. MarlĂšne
    • Merci pour votre rapiditĂ©. A bientĂŽt peut ĂȘtre. DaniĂšle
    • Bonsoir Sylvie, Un tout grand merci pour la vitesse Ă  laquelle vous avez terminĂ© la traduction!
    • thank you so much! I’ll spend the weekend knitting happily! Enjoy the fiber festival, Tammy
    • Thank you so much! I am really excited to get to knit this scarf, it looked so pretty in the yarn store. That was one lovely yarn store as well. Thank you again Sylv, and I may be emailing again with questions! Have a good Wednesday! Sincerely, Stacy M
    • Thank you, Sylvie! Stephanie B
    • Thank you so much! I was on the right track, but yours [translation] makes so much more sense! (
) Looking forward to starting this! Cheers. JolĂšne
    • Hi Sylve, Thanks for the translation. It’s been happy knitting for my mom as well. Here’s one more if you if you can let me know your estimate. Best, Annie
    • Hi Sylvie,Thank you for the translation! Looks great! And thank you also for the notes on the yoke. Best, Brooke
    • Thank you so much for your fast service. I am so excited! It’s still morning here, and I am leaving for the shop and need to work a little till lunch time. I will read and try your pattern as soon as possible
    • Hi Sylvie
this is great! thanks again!
    • Thank you so much! Until next time, E.
    • Hi Sylvie, Happy New Year. Thank you so much! I’m starting right away. I’ll let you know if I have any problems.
    • You’re a gem. Thank you for doing the translations so quickly.
    • Thank you sooo much! It was so quick too.
    • Wow, you are efficient, once you started it, you can finish it as fast as possible. 😀
    • Brilliant. Looks great. Many thanks.
    • hank you very much Sylvie. I am very pleased with the translation!
    • Thanks so much for the quick response! The translation looks very clear, so I should be able to tackle it. I will feel very French as I knit it–and hopefully wear it someday. Thanks for the extra care in using American terminology
    • I have just printed these and will read them in the morning! Needless to say I am very happy to receive these!! Thank you again
    • Merci beaucoup! Thanks for your quick service!
    • Thank you it’s perfect!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    • Thank you so very much. You have been a blessing.
    • I just wanted to say thank you!! I really appreciate how fast you translated this pattern. I am really excited to knit it!
    • Thank you so much – this is perfect. I’m looking forward to working on it!
  • Thank you, Sylvie. I can’t wait to start knitting it!

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