New crochet pattern: Open Spaces shawl

The Open Spaces shawl is a new shawl design, where you’ll see the same “open spaces” openwork as in my “Open Spaces coat”, plus a bold lace edging derived from a vintage Victorian lace.


You can make this shawl in 2 sizes, using either super bulky yarn (and fewer stitches) or worsted/aran weight yarn (and a few added sts in each panel).



For the super bulky version, I used the exact same combo of several strands of yarn held together as for the matching coat.

Then for my 2nd sample I used remnants of icelandic LettLopi yarn, which is aran weight. Lots of color in this one 🙂

Finally, I continued to dig through my stash and came upon enough Cascade “wool 220” to make a 3rd sample, this time in worsted weight yarn. I just love how you can arrange colors differently to make each section of the lace border pop .


This pattern is available on Etsy (€) – Ravelry (€) ****  Craftsy ($) – Etsy ($)

Price: $6 or 5.5 € (+ VAT on digital products for Europeans)

Pattern is in pdf format. You may sell items crocheted with this pattern, please mention my name and pattern. 

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