New crochet pattern: Marguerite socks, also available as KITS

Starting something completely new (to me)… Crocheted socks !

Socks… I tried to knit them ages ago. Then tried to crochet them. But that never worked out, too fiddly to knit, too thick and not enough comfortable when crocheted… I could not picture socks crocheted in single crochet, even elongated sc…

Yet I still kept that idea in a corner of my mind. Oh and sock yarns can be so pretty !

Then suddenly last year it hit me: that very double crochet in the front loop I like to use in all my garment patterns was the solution ! Because of its specific properties it would be ideal for socks:

  • being very stretchy, it would make very comfortable socks, just about hugging my feet like a glove
  • being a tall stitch, the socks would be very quick to make
  • and last but not least, it would make much thinner socks (similar to knit socks) and use less yarn than other crocheted socks

BINGO ! So last November I started away on my very first socks. I intentionnally avoided to look at socks from other designers so I would not be influenced … I wanted to find my own ways to crochet a sock.

And Boy did I try a lot of things: Tested ideas and concepts I had come up with. Again and again. And again. Most of them failed, but I learned a lot during this process. During 6 months I tried dozens of ways to crochet the toe section and heel, made 6 different socks to try various options, crocheted about 20 different versions of heels to find the perfect method that would be both easy to crochet, easy to explain and with a beautiful and confortable outcome. Then my amazing team of 9 testers triple-checked everything and helped me made the instructions crystal clear (see below their colored socks. A million thanks to them !!)


Now I’m so happy to see it was all worth it: Here’s what testers said about this pattern:

  • I made a few pairs of crocheted socks before, but have not found a design I want to make more than once. This will be my go to pattern in future! As for wearing, it’s maybe too soon to say, but the biggest difference compared to knitted socks is that these don’t feel tight and still they don’t fall off my feet either.
  • this is a fantastic crocheted sock pattern. A lot of others come off more like a Christmas stocking, rather than an actual sock that you feel comfortable wearing.
  • They were just the right combo of interesting yet easy … they were fun to make. (…) I have not knitted socks but I have crocheted socks and these are my favourite!
  • I absolutely loved making these!! I definitely plan on making another pair. (…) I have tried to crochet socks before but none of them had the afterthought heel and were nowhere near as comfortable and I ended up frogging them. I was so satisfied with this experience and will definitely be making more of these in the future!
  • I’ m so happy to finally have a crochet pattern for socks. These are so much more fun to make than knitted ones! And so pretty, too! You created a lovely, much needed design!


Now I’m super proud to release those Marguerites socks, available either as a regular PDF pattern OR as a KIT:


  • Explains how to crochet pretty socks with a flower motif and a fun heel matching the toe section
  • Socks use the “afterthought heel” technique so you can replace the heel if it ever wears out (don’t worry, this is super simple)
  • 9 pages of detailed instructions, step-by-step photos and tutorials
  • instructions in 3 widths so you can make those to fit your feet perfectly !
  • Pattern is available for instant download on EtsyRavelry – Craftsy

Price: $6 (+ VAT for European buyers)    


 The KIT:

  • Includes pattern + 100g of sock yarn + stitch markers
  • Sock yarn is made of 75% wool (5 different breeds, including merino, are mixed to achieve the best ratio softness/resistance to abrasion) and 25% nylon superwash.
  • THis yarn was dyed especially for these socks by indie dyer Heikemade with subtle variations of tones so as not to hide the floral motif. She made longer color repeats so they would work perfectly when crocheted in double crochets.
  • Each kit includes also 4 stitch markers (used in pattern) including one “heart-shaped” marker from Addi.
  • Kits are available in my Etsy store and at the “Lot et laine” fiber festival in July (France).

Happy crochet !


4 thoughts on “New crochet pattern: Marguerite socks, also available as KITS

  1. Mari Craig Reply

    Wow! They are beautiful! I love sock yarn and I’d love to be able to use it for socks and not only for shawls! Instant buy!

    Thank you so much, Sylvie, I cannot wait to get started!

  2. Mari Craig Reply

    Ah, sorry for the double comment, but just to say I have been charged the full price, rather than the special one offered – I really do not mind, but thought I’d mention it in case you’d like to check! xxo

    • Sylvie Damey Post authorReply

      Hi Mari, First thanks for the sweet comment and purchase.

      As for the price, no the price was correct but it’s the European VAT on digital goods that was added and increased the price you paid. Sorry about that but there’s not much I can do about it I’m afraid… At least the discounted price covers the VAT 😉

  3. Mari Craig Reply

    Great, no worries, Sylvie! 🙂 As I said, very much worth it, and I will be starting on my new socks as soon as possible! <3 xxo

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