Crochet workshop: Crocheting a sweater without a pattern

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Two amazing ladies came to my corner of the Alps to learn how to crochet a sweater or cardigan without a pattern during 2 days of crochet workshop. We started with having a look at the 20 pages document I gave them, choosing the style of garment they wanted (sweater or cardigan, short or long sleeves, boxy, empire waist or fitted waist…)

Started with the yoke as we’re working top down in one piece.

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The key to this method is to try the sweater on yourself again and again, so that it ends up fitting YOU just perfectly. No fiddly measurements or complicated math and calculations… Just a clever arrangment of increases for the yoke and easy system to divide your sleeves.
By the end of the first day, both crocheters were ready to divide the body and sleeves.. or had already finished the top part of the bodice.

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On the second day, we then focused on working the lower section of body to bust and waist shaping…

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Discovering the million usefull ways to use stitch markers, or how to add character to a plain sweater with pretty finishing touches…

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Learning new lace motifs… At the end of the second day, both sweaters already look amazing ! The crocheters have all the tools and notes to finish them at home. And with one already started on her sleeve, while the second one finished her edgings, they’ve both seen many techniques in action during the workshop.


Icing on the cake – love that review from one of the crocheters:

“Thrilled by this 2-day parenthesis away from the busy routine! As a beginner crocheter (been crocheting for a year, and left-handed !) I learned a lot of techniques. This workshop is a door opener to “allow yourself” to combine your knowledge, invent and create with crochet. Sylvie is certainly full of imagination and suggestions in this area !”


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