Wip-wednesday: waist increases for my LettLopi hooded jacket

Lett lopi crocheted hooded jacket by Sylvie Damey
Good progress to be reported since last week. I closed the hood, crocheted along its edge to start on shoulders, separated sleeves…
and continued down towards the waist. For the hip increases, I chose to gather them along each side and in the back. To beautify our perfectly flat stomachs 😉

Will soon run out of the light grey (except for provisional amount set aside for sleeves) but that’s ok because I will then change back to COLORS ! Mirrored stacks of color blocks matching the hood. Aren’t you getting impatient to see it finished ? I am !!

2 thoughts on “Wip-wednesday: waist increases for my LettLopi hooded jacket

  1. Susan Reply

    Yes I am .. I am working on adult ombeline
    Cardigan …love it so far!!☺️

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