Willow blanket

While I tend to stick to worsted weight, warm colors, and green/plum combos, it’s sometimes nice to venture outside your comfort zone. My mum gave me a bag of vintage thrifted yarns, in bold tones of emerald green, navy blue and white. It begged to become something new, an easy mindfree project to do in between working again and again on new or not-so-new personal designs. I’ve always loved the Willow squares, and decided that would be a good start.
Yarns were not perfectly the same weight, so I decided to double-strand them to try and even out the differences. That meant using a LARGE hook… I bought a new 8 mm susan boyd hook (my absolute favorites!) and started hooking.

Squares were large. Very large. Perfect, as that would mean quick and bold. My first plan was to mix and match perfectly my 3 colors in each square… until my husband said it didn’t look right, colors weren’t balanced enough. Ahem.

So I ripped a couple squares, and made them all with white as middle color, which indeed worked out much nicer in the end. I had yarn for 6 large squares, and used trebles for the edging, granny-style (groups of 3 tr in each space around, 2 groups of 3 tr separated by 2 ch in the corners if I remember correctly).
willow4 willow2
In the end, the blanket is not very large…. but covers perfectly my legs on the couch. And the fact that the yarn was held double-stranded makes it Oh-so-warm and comfy, I just LOVE it. 🙂

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