“Ma petite robe noire”, the sewing book I translated: Win a copy!

Last summer I was busy translating my first book ever (I’ll admit it was a bit scary… but so exciting!), the famous “The little black dress” by Simon Henry. And now the french version I worked on is finally released:
I received 2 copies from the editor this morning and am glad to offer one to a lucky recipient (it will be the FRENCH version!)
Ma petite robe noire, par Simon Henry
Still a novice sewist (I do free-style a lot, being never too good at learning from other people), I did learn a lot from this book while translating it. It includes a wide section on techniques, and I’ll certainly try to insert an invisible zipper someday following his tips: I love that this book is richly illustrated, and Simon Henry made this book really accessible, with no complicated supra-technical language. It’s like making the whole toile-making process seem easy.
The book also includes lots of information about the history of the Little Black Dress (“LBD”), choosing your fabric and the right kind of dress to suit your body type, detailed instructions to make your toile (kind of a fabric replica of your own body, basis of any future garment you’ll want to make to your own measurements).

And it shows you how to alter your toile to make 3 dresses: I’m especially in love with the wrap dress… and all the variations on that design you can think of (like a light fleece ballet wrap cardigan, or a beach wrap sarong..). Someday I’ll take the time to do that.

… and because I want to share the goodness with you, leave a comment telling me why you’d love this book (remember, we’re talking about the FRENCH version here :-P) and I’ll announce the winner by the beginning of june. Good luck / Bonne chance !

5 thoughts on ““Ma petite robe noire”, the sewing book I translated: Win a copy!

  1. smartiz maillamart Reply

    coucou, moi je le veux !!!! ;-)))
    parce que :
    1/ je suis une fan de bouquins-tuto-tricot-crochet-couture…
    2/ j’ai testé cet hiver “la petite robe noire”, et en fait, c le top : que des compliments à chaque sortie…
    3/ et qu’en plus, on est un peu copine en fait…
    bon je rigole, mais de toute façon, c sûr que je vais me l’offrir parce qu’il me fait de l’oeil depuis que tu en a parlé sur FB.

  2. Nic Reply

    The book looks wonderful. It is no use to me of course but I’m just commenting to say congratulations!

  3. alliandra Reply

    j’adorerai avoir ce livre pour un tas de raison, d’abord parce que la couture est devenue ma priorité depuis peu, au détriment du crochet que je délaisse même carrément pour finir, et contrairement au crochet/tricot que je connais depuis l’enfance, j’ai toujours rêvé de savoir coudre mais je n’ai appris que très récemment, grâce à internet
    Du coup, 90% de mes références en couture aussi bien techniques qu’en terme de patrons sont en anglais (un peu comme pour le crochet d’ailleurs) alors un livre de couture en français me fait clairement envie…

  4. Emily Reply


    I’d like this book 1) to improve my French and 2) because you translated it!


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