Of chaperons and liripipes… Introducing my Jehanne hooded cardigan

Wip2 Liripipe
Thanks to the very helpful feedback and edits of Krysten TenDyke, great feedback on my questions on Ravelry… and after another quick triple-check of the sizing on another cardigan (that’s how it always works, start a new project to validate the former one, right ? 😉

I’m now VERY happy to introduce the long-awaited pattern for my Jehanne cardigan, which as I have just learned, features a “liripipe“, long medieval-looking hood. So glad I learned a new word today, and all the more as the more I look at pictures of liripipes and medieval reanactments, the more I see my Jehanne hooded cardigan and Jehanne capelet (the perfect “Chaperon with liripipe” !!) would fit perfectly in medieval festivals !! That makes me happy as I love those middle-ages costumes… 😀

foret9 (Mobile) foret7
But let’s get back to the pattern: the Jehanne cardigan is available so far in 4 sizes, going from XS to L.
An XL size will be added asap. ( all those who purchased the pattern via ChezPlum or Ravelry will receive the updated pattern then).
It’s meant to be worn very fitted, with a body-hugging silhouette that’s very feminine and flattering.

As usual, my pattern is very detailed, with lots of step by step pictures so that you will visually see where you’re going and what is the next step. I personally hate to crochet in the blind without “seing” what I’m meant to do, guess I’m a visual person.

Jehanne hooded cardigan – $6 –

One last thing: this pattern is also included in my “Around the granny square” ebook, which now includes TEN patterns for under $20. Quite a deal I’d say, and you’ll have all three liripipe designs: Jehanne capelet, Jehanne hooded cardigan and Ermeline. 🙂

“Around the granny square” ebook – $19.95

ETA: I have just sent an exclusive coupon code for 20% off this design and my ebook to people already in my Newsletter. If you haven’t signed up for it yet, do it now to be notified when I release new patterns… and get exclusive discounts ! 🙂

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