This week in pictures

ChezplumStamps1 ChezplumStamps2
Super pretty new stamps to customize my labels, by AnnaWhilhelm on Etsy. Can’t wait to stamp them everywhere !

TshirtYarn TshirtGS1
Old t-shirts becoming yarn, then granny squares … I’m hoping to have enough for a rug.
Cutting up old t-shirts into balls of yarn
is super easy. And even faster with a rolling cutter. I didn’t even fold them up, just cut them straight. Some strips would be uneven in width, but that’s okay for this kind of project anyway. 🙂

Toosmall1 Toosmall2
Jehanne cardi is technically progressing … except it would fit my daughter better !
Boo. That means ripping all up to the shoulders again.

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