Iro: a new sweater

NoroIro noroIro2
Last winter I fell in love with this Iro bulky/boxy cardi, indulged in some of the most expensive yarn I ever bought for a sweater, and started to knit. It wasn’t finished during the cold season though, and waited all summer in a corner to be finished. (there was only a sleeve missing or something like that).

Knitting time is here again and suddenly I realised this cardigan no longer made me swoon. And the yarn was way too pretty to use it for anything less than fabulous.

I searched Ravelry for hours before realising I would make my own. AND behold, we’re talking about a KNIT design ladies !!! That hasn’t happened for a couple years I believe.
Ermengarde (Custom) Ermengarde1 (Custom)
There will be a bit of crochet in this one though. Yep, best of both worlds. Can you see the granny triangle in the front already ? It’s a bit too bulky (for Noro’s famed uneven yarn) and will probably be redone, but it gives the idea.

I’m about to separate sleeves. Now comes the exciting time when the sweater will be revealed… and much easier to try on !

NB: I swear, next on my list will be Armel, the boy version of Ermeline. 😛

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  1. Kathleen Reply

    That is truly gorgeous yarn — I’m sure whatever you decide to do will be stunning! Yarn that lovely begs for something utterly unique to you.

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