New pattern available & giveaway: Babouches

The pattern for the Babouches is now available ! 😀
Price: $5

ElBlo1 headspace1 headspace2 starfish15
Thanks so much to Ellen, Diane and starfish for their help with the testing.. and their pretty pics ! 😀

I still need to work on a dedicated page for this pattern…

ETA: Giveaway now closed 🙂
To celebrate the release of this new pattern, I’m giving away a copy: as usual, just leave me a comment and tell me why you’d like to win.. 😉

7 thoughts on “New pattern available & giveaway: Babouches

  1. Georgia Nasios Reply

    I am a shoe fanatic and I love this pattern because they look so much like renaissance style shoes! They are soooo cute and love the pointy toe!

  2. Jackie Reply

    They are sooo cute. I have been doing alot of crocheting lately and would love to win this pattern…Thanks

  3. Lauri Reply

    Oh, they’re really lovely, Sylvie. I’ve got a basket of Lamb’s Pride woolly odd balls that would suit this pattern perfectly, but I just might have to buy some charcoal grey and oyster to match the color way in the left-most photo. You make crochet so chic!

  4. Nic Reply

    Lucky me already has a copy of this pattern. I just came by to say how much I love it. Just stunning!

  5. deirdre Reply

    Those are so cool. I want a pair for me. They’re such a nice twist on granny square concept.

  6. Tasha Reply

    Hi there! I love this slipper and would love to win the pattern not only because I have recently taken up crochet again, but also because right now I have nerve damage in my feet and slippers are the only thing I am able to wear on my feet. Hoping to get surgery soon, but it would be nice to get a chance at being stylish until I heal up =) Keep up the good work!

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