Got a lot done today :-D

Wow, it took me a loooong time but I finally took the time to do some long-due maintenance on ChezPlum. Most of it you won’t see but
– I spent hours uploading new pics on Ravelry so I won’t have to pay for a Flickr account any more for my pics to show on Ravelry (I basically slurped all my pics back from Flickr to Ravelry for ALL my patterns and FOs).
– I fixed the link to my “Translation” page. I’ve had quite a lot of translations of french patterns coming in lately btw… Always funny how it always comes together in lots around spring (and nothing during the previous months)…
– I finally created a page for the “Last minute Butterfly Headband” pattern.
– I fixed the link to my “Freebies” page in the main menu as it had mysteriously dissapeared. I also updated it at the same time with my latest free patterns and tutorials.
– I also updated the “Patterns” page with the latest patterns (Altay hat and Butterfly headband)

– And, last but not least, I finally updated the Gallery with some very pretty pics of items made with ChezPlum patterns.. Keep sending your pictures !

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