March Fiber Giveaway

April is around the corner now, high time for March’s Fiber Giveaway !! (Now CLOSED – come again next month for April’s Fiber Giveaway !)

No I didn’t forget about it, but truth is I discovered this month that the postal rates for international small packages have doubled (insert rant against terribly illogical rates of French Post here) which upset me a lot. And got me thinking about whether I’d still be doing this giveaway, which I enjoy hosting so much !! Don’t worry though, as I quickly realised I’d hate to stop doing it. Just need to do maybe a couple arrangements to keep it reasonable.
So, I’m thinking now I might give a try with the economic rate (and see how long it takes to North America) OR try and pack the fiber into thin enveloppes and send it as “documents”.. I’d love to hear what you think about this. I mean, I REALLY want to keep the Monthly Fiber Giveaway AND keep on enjoying sending little fiber treats around. But I don’t want this to cut deep holes in my wallet either and I want to keep feeling happy about it..

Now as for the Giveaway: This month I wanted to make it a bit different (also another reason why it took me so long to post it), and decided on a little FIBER SAMPLER:
So you’ll get a lot of little enveloppes (they’re the small format enveloppes, 9×14 cm) with several fibers to just “see and touch” what those feel like. You’ll get (click for larger pics)
– Beige Cashmere
– Beige Camel
– White dehaired Yak
– Fluffy chocolate brown Alpaca
– White superfine Merino broken tops
– White Cormo fleece
– White Silk top
– White Bamboo top
For a chance to win, simply post a comment saying why you’d like to win.. 🙂
The contest is open until my next post (could be anytime next time so Hurry!!)
If you win, I will email you to get your postal details. If I haven’t heard from you within 7 days, I will choose another winner.

And here’s a single I spun yesterday from some (slighlty felted so I had to draft it open beforehand) BFL I received in the last round of the FIber Swap. The colors are really lovely and work very well together. I first intended to ply it and spin a slighly heavier single, but that’s what it became. Quite thin compared to what I usually do. Now I’m not too sure what to do, either ply it as first planned, or leave it as a thin single which for instance would be lovely knit into a shawl (a friend of mine knit a fantastic looking Clapotis from a similar handpsun single).
What do you think ?

13 thoughts on “March Fiber Giveaway

  1. *emy Reply

    This is a fabulous idea!!! Who wouldn’t want a mini fiber swatch catalog!?!

    But I’ll sit this one out, since I won last month. Thanks again for it!

  2. Jette Reply

    Okay. So I said at knitting night that I wouldn’t enter your give-aways, BUT : Cashmere, camel, yak? I REALLY need to fondle these fibers. So tell Laurent (aka. the random number generator) to choose MY number. By the way going to Germany on the 31st march, so won’t be there.

  3. Heather Reply

    I have just started spinning and would love to fondle those fibers. Thanks for the opprtunity!

  4. spot Reply

    how kind! trying all of these fibers would be amazing.

  5. kosenrufu mama Reply

    i admire your website!!! i love that fibres, i would like to win and try to spin … it would be like a dream for me!!!

  6. JC Reply

    I’d leave it as is. I think it looks beautiful. And I would love your fiber sample giveaway becuase it would be a helpful learning tool.

  7. gladys Reply

    I’m just learning to spin, and those would be a neat sampler to try different things — what fun!

  8. zaneta Reply

    what a nifty giveaway! 😀 I would like to win because i have only felt/seen acrylic, cotton, and a little bit of wool/alpaca … so i would really like to be able to feel and see all the other fibers… and i want to start learning how to spin this summer (when i actually have some free time) lol 😉 Thanks bunches for this oppurtunity! 😀

  9. tanya Reply

    i still consider myself a new spinner and have yet to get a chance to experience a variety of different fiber options for spinning.

    I know what you mean about the shipping charges though…yikes!

  10. Chrissy Reply

    I’d love to win so that I could play with all those different fibers!

  11. carrie Reply

    I am a beginner spinner and have only spun a little bit of cotton. I would love to know what other fiber feels like so that I know what else may be easier or just like more.

  12. Jen Reply

    I’m not exactly a new spinner, but I mostly spin with either mill ends or BFL. I really only spun my first merino about 2 months ago. I’d love to see what all those different fibers felt like.

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