Vintage spindles for trade

So I indulged in a lot of vintage supported spindles from Ebay last week, they’re so cool and pretty ! However, I don’t really need all 3 and want a pair of hand carders so bad (untill I can justify buying a drum carder, that is.. 😉 ) that I thought maybe somebody might be interested in a trade:

I am keeping the longest spindle (left pic) but love would to trade the other 2 spindles for a pair of hand carders, even used, and rather for medium grade fiber (I don’t think I’d card fine fibers much anyways)

I added a few more pics on Flickr if you’d like to have a closer look. Drop me a line if you want more info or if you’re interested !

1 thought on “Vintage spindles for trade

  1. tina Reply

    So…………… tell me more about your spindles………. and shipping.

    I have a lovely pair of hand carders………….. gently used and quite fab…………..

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