A stole in the works

I know I said I’d be knitting again, but you guessed it, I’m still crocheting.. ;-P
Yesterday I skeined this huuuuuuuge hank of Fleece Artist Merino (there’s 800 m in there!) given by the generous Stephanie when I wrote the “knitting from the french” article. And started a Dancing Poppies Stole. I really need a stole to keep my neck and shoulders warm when I work on the comp and this is going to work perfectly. The yarn is so nice, I’m totally smitten with it so far and can’t wait to see more of my stole now that I’ve sorted the design.

Also, I’m about to succumb and order a spindle kit. Yes, I want to make my own yarn like everybody else !! 😛
Of course I don’t know a thing about it yet, so I’d really appreciate any advice from you experienced spinners:
What is the thing between a top/bottom whorl ? I’m probably not going to focus on thin yarns anyway, so should I rather get a bottom whorl spindle ?
So far I’m hesitating between this one, this one or this one .. Any thoughts ?
I’m also discovering a whole new world with beautiful rovings.. Oh my, Oh my, I’m drooling… 😛
Oh and finally, along with the latest issue of Marie Claire Id

3 thoughts on “A stole in the works

  1. Nic Reply

    Yes please! Me me me!

    I’ve a friend here in Ireland (who just happens to be French) who is about to travel next month to adopt a long-awaited baby girl. I would LOVE to have something appropriate to give her for the journey and this is in French too – even better.


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