Giveway results and more mitts

Ta Da.. and the winners are ! 😉
Anushka will get the ball of Aurore, Sandy the 2mm circ. needles, Ajour some dpns, & I just sent Sherry and Melanie a copy of the Vroomies pattern. Thanks all for participating in my Giveaway !

Knit more mittenettes this week, finished the first pink Malabrigo one (had only the thumb to finish, so it doesn’t really count…), started a nother pair for MYSELF this time in that lovely olive single ply I’ve had in the stash forever. Looks like it was handspun though because the yarn keeps on getting thinner now.. I might have to rip this first one, which would be ok seing as it is a bit too bulky…
And I’ve started a beret with the light green Colonia. Still dealing with the design, so we’ll see. I was also thinking of a matching capelet but I don’t think I’ll have enough matching yarn…

Found a name for the mittenettes btw: “Cactus”. Can you see why..? (Answer is Here )

7 thoughts on “Giveway results and more mitts

  1. Anushka Reply

    Thanks very much, Sylvie 🙂
    I love your gloves – the colours are so great lined up together like that.

  2. Sandy Reply

    Wohoo! My first blog contest prize. You are an absolute doll, and have made my day much brighter. Thanks to the new circs, my feet will soon be a bit warmer (since I can make socks now). Thank you!

  3. Sara Reply

    The name ‘Cactus’ suits them perfectly, and while I can’t think right off the top of my head which type (not without cheating anyway, and looking it up) I can picture them exactly. The nice slender tall ones that seem obligatory in most desert landscape art.

    Very lovely!

  4. Sherry Reply

    Thank You SO MUCH! I never win anything ever, you made my whole week. I love the pattern and it should be perfect for a few people I know that are expecting. You are just lovely!

  5. Mélanie Reply

    Merci beaucoup pour le patron des Vroomies. Je ne gagne jamais rien. Mes bébés sont trop vieux, mais un jour ma soeur sera enceinte… Merci encore, et continue avec les beaux designs.

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