And the winner is..

I’m back ! We arrived home sunday night, found out some yarn I sold on Ebay was rotten with moth apparently (least I can say is it didn’t show !!), and the lady was SO upset that I never replied her emails and stuff .. Oops, major oops !! That’ll teach me to do things just before leaving for 2 weeks !

Anyways. That’s fixed now. We’ve had a fantastic time at the beach. Prune got so confident she was “swimming” on her own at the end (with those inflatable thingies around her arms of course !), running in and out of the water, never having enough till her lips turned blue.. The sea was still pretty warm, we swam nearly everyday, had gorgeous weather. And even took the boat to St Tropez, yes Madame !!! Turns out I had never been there, it’s real pretty. Would be even prettier without the million tourists and tourist shops and millionnaire’s yachts, but still real pretty.

Craftwise, as usual I only got very little done. Finished a pair of wee booties, finished the new crocheted car, and started a little van on a 3mm hook. Hard ! I swatched for 2 new projects, but didn’t have the right needles… But I did learn to crochet “the right way” though, thanks to my beloved Happy Hooker. I just LOVE this book !

And now for the pattern: Like I said, I loved many of your suggestions, really, but “The Vroomies” just hit right on what I was after, so Vroomies they shall be ! And because I also loved “Vanessa the van”, they’ll also have names : Carrie the Car, Trevor the Tractor .. and Vanessa the Van !!
MD and abe/hap, you get 2 chezPlum patterns of your choice (could include this one or not.. your choice!), or one pattern and a set of stitchmarkers. I’ll be contacting you v. soon…
I also LOVED woolywheels and wheely cute.. so I think Star and Dominique deserve a copy of the pattern too.. 😉

Again, a big THANK YOU to all of you for your help. And to the testers and proofreaders as well ! Did you see the cute car Melissa made ?!!

I had a little photoshopping fun this morning. Can you reconize the original pic…? 😉

Okay, back to work, there’s some minor editing left on the pattern and then I’ll put it up ! 😛

2 thoughts on “And the winner is..

  1. abe/hap Reply

    YES!!!! – woohoo !! I cant believe we came second YAHHH!!!! we are really happy as you can tell *lol* As soon as I saw Vroomies for the name suggestion by MD, I thought that was definitely a winner :)xx

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