Knitting a bit

Finally making a bit of progress on the Guinevere SKB (aka Glampyre/Stitch Diva), joining the sides now !! I’ve just added 2 rows of increase to the instructions (making size S), it really seemed too fitted before and that’s not the kind of look I want for this one. (I sooo love the way the long-sleeved one looks).

..and it’s going to be a warm sweater.. I’ve only had it on for like 15 minutes, and I’m too hot already. Mind you, it’s warm here again these days, … plus it’s mohair !!

Tiny weeny progress on the third crochet toy, really need to put the final touch to it.

Found this blog that I love this morning. This girl makes (and sells) stuff that’s all about recycling. I love it all, concept, rugs : check out her kitty rugs !! 😀

And finally, can’t resist sharing this picture of Maud, sleeping right here beside me in her pram.

2 thoughts on “Knitting a bit

  1. Laura Reply

    Maud is so cute! I have a feeling that if I ever had kids they’d be screamers… That’s funny about girls doing ‘guy’ stuff here. It may be a total misconception, but girls in France do seem a lot more feminine than what you may find here.:) Can’t wait to see more of your SKB. I just bought the pattern but haven’t decided on what yarn to use; and I have to wait for an open Tupperware.

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