Help me find a name…

So the pattern for the little car/tractor/van (pic just below) is in its final stage being edited, proofread and tested…BUT I’m still not too sure of the name. Any ideas…? Leave me a comment with your suggestions and win, what, patterns or whatever I can think of… maybe stitchmarkers from my Etsy shop …? You’ll choose !

12 thoughts on “Help me find a name…

  1. abe/hap Reply

    Ummm – what about “Little Peeps tractor/van/car” or give them names like “Trevor Tractor” ” Vanessa Van” *LOL*

  2. MD Reply

    Chugga Chuggas
    Go Car Go
    Speed Demons
    Baby Huggy Cars
    … and now I need a nap!

  3. star Reply

    motor babies

    I love cute things. This was fun.

  4. brenda solis Reply

    what about:
    hooptie rides -kind of “la carcacha” in spanish.
    play wheels
    baby rides

    hopefully i will think of more.

  5. ecreations Reply

    I’m so sorry that i missed out on testing them. They look great.

    As for names… what about
    Baby Movers
    My First Vehicles

  6. Dominique Reply

    how’s about Baby’s First Set of Wheels?
    sooo bummed i missed the opportunity to test the pattern!

  7. Sair Reply

    Beep Beep -for the car.
    Surfmobile -for the bus
    Ploughman -for the farmers tractor!

  8. Lisa Reply

    How about “Lil L’autos”?
    I only took FOUR years of French class and look how bad my French is!
    Orrr…. “Snuggy Buggies”?
    They do look so sweet and squishy!
    Orrr…”Huggy Buggies”? The whole set could be called “Snuggy/Huggy Buggies” and the single ones could be referred to as a “Snuggy/Huggy Buggy”, as in “Prune, which Snuggy Buggy do you want to play with?”
    OK, I’m working it too much.
    I’m sure that whatever you pick will be just perfect!

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