Ooops !! Isabeau tote pattern correction !

Thanks to “ChloeZ” in the Tote Knitalong for noticing a big bad typo in the Isabeau handbag and tote pattern :

In the “body of the bag” section, right after the seed stitch section it should read
“Next, work 33(53)rows in lace pattern” ( instead of 37/57).
I’ll be sending the corrected pdf tonight to all people who bought the pattern. I’ve just sent the corrected pattern to all the people who bought the pattern. Got a few failed delivery though, so if you haven’t received yours, please contact me at
So sorry !

The lime cardi is finally finished… BUT it’s so too big for me !! I really should have gone with smaller sizing. Even though it’s kind of ok in the boobs area (breastfeeding!) all the rest is too big. Laurent says it looks like a potato sack… 😉 (but he also says it’s too bad cause it would have been nice otherwise.. 😉 He’s not that bad..)
Hopefully I’ll be able to make better pics later. It’s so dang hot here these days we keep the blinds closed all day, which is not the best to take pictures… I may try to model it tonight as well, just so you can see it IS too big.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

So now I’m not too sure what to do. Will I have the courage to knit a second smaller one ..? And what to do with this one ?… We’ll see. I do like it altogether tho. Proud of the ties in the back too. Turned out exactly the way I wanted it too … which is not always the case ! 😉

Oh. And more real pretty Lacanau sandals there !

3 thoughts on “Ooops !! Isabeau tote pattern correction !

  1. Acornbud Reply

    Very pretty cardi, I like the color, too. A potato sack? Wait awhile until that look comes back in fashion (wink)

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