New SaperliPOPette sweater, wintery version this time

Nothing beats bright colors to get through the winter…

At the beginning, there was this superb yarn in yummy shades of blue and green, and my brand new Jimbo’s hook I HAD to try since it promised to be amazing (which it totally is).

A tiny swatch proved those 2 were made to work together … but browsing through dozens of pattern to find THE right one, making a true swatch and taking all sorts of measurements ? No thanks, just thinking of it made me tired already.

What to do ? Grab my go-to innovative method to crochet a sweater in ANY size using ANY yarn of course 🙂

So a SaperliPOPette sweater it was: so easy to just follow my own instructions (and marvel at their ingenuosity, hehe) for each step, following the natural steps of my morphology and see the sweater come together pretty quickly with this aran-weight yarn..

Just a few minor modifications on the pattern though, as I wanted to make it suitable for the low temperatures of our Alpine winters, and be able to wear a coat on top of it (which proves complicated with boxy sweaters). So I made narrower sleeves, with alternated plain and openwork rounds. (details on my Rav project). Oh and I left out the Puff sts from lower body.



Yes, I’d love to hear about Sylvie Damey’s next patterns !


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