New crochet pattern: Bucheron socks for men.. or kids and women socks too

Living in the french Alps, it can get pretty cold around here in the winter… And instead of buying my husband yet more woolen socks, I decided I could make him some, armed with my new sock making skills 🙂

So here they are: the Bucheron socks (= lumberjack in french). Classic hardwearing socks, with contrasting heels and toes, and an edging of fake-ribbing I particularly like.

Those socks are explained in 4 widths, from thin women’s feet (or older kids) to large men’s feet, so you can crochet socks for the whole family. And of course, the length of the socks is fully customizable.


Constructed with afterthought heels, you will be able to replace the heels of those socks if they ever wear out.

This pattern is available on Etsy (€) – Ravelry (€) ****  Craftsy ($) – Etsy ($)

Price: $6 or 5.5 € (+ VAT on digital products for Europeans)

Pattern is in pdf format. You may sell items crocheted with this pattern, please mention my name and pattern. 


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