Antique french spindles: man spinning on a turkish spindle !

Last summer during the “Lot et laine” festival, I organised a mini expo to show my antique spindles, along with a couple enlarged prints of my spindles.
83AuPaysLandaisRouetFilerLaine 83AuPaysLandaisRouetFilerLaine_FuseauTurc
I had the pleasure of meeting Mrs Plassard, who spotted a very interesting detail on one of them: this is already the only postcard in my collection where you can see a man spinning with a spindle… and if you look closer, you’ll see he’s using a very unusual shape of spindle: a turkish spindle !

So far I have never encountered this shape of spindles in my researches. This scene is apparently taking place in the “pays landais” (south west coast of France): would that be a local specificity ? If you know anything about turkish spindles being used in France, I’d love to hear about it 🙂

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