Tiny booties

Plume said last week that the dolls they have at school didn’t have booties any more. Knowing that I knit and crochet, the lady apparently said (probably half joking) “you should ask your mum to make them new booties”.

Which I did, because nothing is more exciting than a new challenge. Of course I have millions of baby booties patterns. But where would be the fun ? 😉
eventail3 eventail4
I very quickly whipped up the first bootie and wrote down the instructions, to make sure I’d be able to make a second one likewise. Both pairs took about 40 minutes to crochet, so quick !!
They were cute. And fitting enough for dolls.
eventail1 eventail2
But now I’m thinking of publishing a pattern for them, and need to rework some details so they are “perfect”, and actually fitting. So I’m working several more samples, tweaking and taking more notes. Fun. 🙂
Still some work to do, but we’re getting there.
My noro cardigan is also slowly but surely showing progress. I basically ripped and reknit the back and fronts, because the color sequences were wrong. Sometimes I surprise myself seing how picky I can be when it comes to some details, when I am usually all but picky…

Finally… can somebody please help me and remind me to finalise the pattern for the elfin hooded cardi instead of getting started on new patterns ?!!!!! 😛

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