New pattern: Cactus Mittenettes

Little Maud is nearly 8 months now, and she’s just changing so much suddenly. She’ll stand on her legs whenever she can
(= whenever we hold her in that position.. 😉 , and she starts “talking” and babbling too. She’s interacting/playing much more with her sister and that’s so cool to see… I can’t wait to see them playing together and little Maud’s personality develop.. by what we see of it already looks like she’ll have a rather “strong” one.. !!

But all to say.. Both girls at daycare today = 4 hours all for myself, Yipee !

I’ve already got feedback from 2 testers/proofreaders (thanks to both of you for being so speedy ! 😀 ) and seing how I’ve knit this pattern a gazillion times …

Let’s call today the Official Release of my New Pattern, “CACTUS MITTENETTES” !

Crystal has already finished her (first ?) pair, and she’s been so kind as to send me those pics !! 😀
I’m so glad she seems to have enjoyed knitting those as much as I do. Ahem, yes, I’m still knitting more.. 😛

What else ? Oh yes, after sponsoring last month’s Crafster Crochet Challenge, (Official Congrats to Carolina/”Scribble” for her awesome winning tree !!), I’m donating a $10 Gift certificate to my Etsy shop to the winner of this month’s Knitting Challenge.

Theme is “What would Marple knit” / knit vintage. I’m SO going to keep an eye on what people come up with !!
So come on folks, Knit Vintage !! 😉

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