WIP wednesday – a story of hoods…

I currently have 2 hooded jackets on the hook.
This one was started over a month ago, yet I’m still not done with the hood because…

crochet wip by Sylvie Damey
It started with this idea: make a hooded jacket with rainbow colors up the hood and down the edge of the jacket. After choosing colors among the super large array of colors of the icelandic Lett Lopi yarn, I got started… and chose spike sts to transition from one color to the other.
Except soon enough the question of symmetry troubled my sleep: because the hood and jacket would be worked in opposite directions, so would the Spikes. No biggie for me, but I know some crocheters would find this odd.

crochet wip by Sylvie Damey
So I started looking for options. Including working the hood in the other direction… (hood #2) It just didn’t work.
Plus by then I realised I wanted a larger hood this time, and thus needed more red. Enter hood #3.

I think we should be good this time though. Can’t wait to crochet more and see this project develop. If all goes well, it should make an exciting new design .. 🙂

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