More hoods: Armel on the way

Acording to my notes on Ravelry, this jacket has been underway for over 2 years: right from the start, I had planned a boy’s version of the Ermeline hooded cardigan. A little shorter, boxier and with less flare around hips. Together with my husband – who is better equipped than me to know what boys want to wear – the initial plan evolved into something like this sketch, with a shorter hood and only one triangle centered in the back of the jacket.
sketch for Armel hoodie by
About a week ago, I took it out of my numerous projet bags half-hidden behind the sofa, and started crocheting again. Only the bottom panels remained to be done, plus the edgings and sleeves: piece of cake I thought, I’ll have a new pattern up in no time ! After redoing the back triangle to make it larger, and the hood’s triangle to be better satisfied with the color sequence, the body was quiclky finished and I started working the edging around…
armel4separatedarms Armelwip1
Except that when I tried it on my daughters the body was too narrow (and a tad too long) for the boy’s garment I had planned. And nothing would be worse than publishing a pattern I wouldn’t be proud of. So I redid all the math for the pattern and ripped it all up to the last increase row before splitting the yoke for the sleeves. That made a big ball of yarn.. But it will be worth it !
Now I’m about to split work for the bottom panels again. My daughter kindly tried it on this morning before school: it looks like the fit will be much better now! 😀

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