Better pics for the Marguerite little cardis

This morning I managed to deal a photoshoot with the girls (in exchange, they got their “flocon” and “2

2 thoughts on “Better pics for the Marguerite little cardis

  1. Sylvana Reply

    wow your girls have grown a lot. Your oldest just look the same but taller, but your little one, i didn’t recognize her till i read your picture comment.
    In case you didn’t see my message on ravelry, I just wanted to say that i post a picture of Ingrid wearing the cardi; looks like a coat on her 😉 but I knew it was going to be big size 2 years old cause she is petit. I love it and she likes it too.

    • Administrator Reply

      Thanks sylvana, yes they do grow up and change a lot. I also think the younger one changed quite a bit now that she’s no baby any more 😛

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