The best ice-cream in the world … home-made in 5 minutes !

I have fond memories of making banana ice-cream with my younger brother when we were kids. It was so yummy !! But a bit annoying to keep turning the ice-cream in order to avoid the flaky texture.

I found this recipe in a magazine the other day, and couldn’t believe it was so simple. I usually hardly ever eat ice-cream but couldn’t stop eating more of the ones I made: so delicious !! I tried it in two flavours, and both taste fantastic. Here’s how it works:

1- get 2 bananas and a few raspberries (or fruits of your choice, as long as it’s in small pieces and not liquid). Cut bananas in small pieces, put everything in freezer until all fruit is frozen.

2- Take frozen fruit out of freezer, add a regular yogurt in plastic jar, and mix together with a plunger mixer (I tried in my blender and it didn’t seem to work half as well… but feel free to try!). The frozen fruit is all that’s needed to turn the mixture into a nearly-ready delicious fruity ice-cream.

3- Put back in freezer for a couple hours to get a perfectly frozen ice-cream… and invite all your friends !!!

If you try it, let me know how it went ! 🙂

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