New fabric, new hat

Yesterday we went in town with Plume, did a tad of Xmas shopping (just a couple things tho, as I don’t do many gifts and most of them are handmade). One of the goals of this outing was to buy sewing thread, elastic band and polyfill (which of course we forgot, ooops!). Oh. And have a look at fabrics, you know, just in case… 😉
I found a pile of magnifiscent textured fabrics, and dotted fabrics, hmm, this will all become fantastic skirts and vests … There was also a discounted piece of powder pink thick fabric looking like felted wool but polyester, which is both much lighter and easier to care for. Perfect for the little elf hat I planned for my god-daughter. 🙂
HatMarie4 HatMarie2b HatMarie3
The pattern is the snow pixie hat from SewLiberated (published in Petite Purls, it’s a freebie!). I used white thin fleece for the lining, it’s so soft !! 🙂
Of course it’s a bit small for Nell (the recipient is just 1) but it gives an idea of how pretty it should look.

So now there’s still 1 day 1/2 before we leave to the family, and I’m nearly done with all my handmade gifts (some of them I’ll only show later as I know the recipient sometimes reads this).

Did you plan any handmade gifts this year ? Are you all done and on schedule ?

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