My 24-hours Camelia purse

We had a week-end with all the cousins and my grandmother this week-end, and suddenly my grandma realised the loto at her residence is on tuesday. She’s meant to give a few things there, and weeks ago I said I’d make her a Camelia purse. Oops.
purse2 purse5
I started working on this yesterday at around 3 pm. By nighttime, I was halfway into the first strap (crocheted like mad all day while chatting with the cousins).
purse3 purse4
Then this morning I worked on the lining (which I had to redo twice because I didn’t double-check enough the size of my template, but that’s another story). The purse was finished sometime between 2 and 3 after lunch: I made a full Camelia purse in 24 hours !!! 😀

Which makes me realise I need proper labels for my next ones.
Also, I’ll try to finalise a tutorial on how to line your purse very soon ! 🙂

I’m also nearly done with my Iro sweater. Will finish the second sleeve tonight and hope to share pics of that pretty sometime this week. I can’t wait to wear it too 😀

I hoped more people would try to win a copy of my newest pattern for the Baby Babouches, but I guess it didn’t raise much interest… :-/ Anyhow, out of the 2 people who entered, Congrats to Akua !! I will send your pattern in a minute 🙂

I also have TONS of other things to share, will try to find some time this week 🙂

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