Several new Altay hats and other little things…

PA099316 (Custom) PA099332 (Custom) bleuAltay4
Fall and winter are usually my most productive times of the year, when it comes to new patterns. But these days I just can’t seem to focus on anything, craftwise. Crocheting little things is about all I can manage, so I made several Altay hats. So quick and rewarding, and I can pretty much use up all my odds and ends in the stash ! 🙂 (most of those are now available in the new store)

MaudAltayPicots PA049265
I also added picots along the edge of a couple hats… People seem to like it so I’ll probably update the pattern to include that version.
plumeheadband1 (Custom) PA109364 (Custom)
Finally, let me show you the headband Plume crocheted herself a couple weeks ago: her first FO ! We’re both very proud ! 😛 And some Malabrigo merino I re-dyed (it was a bright yellow!).. maybe this will become a set: altay hat + granny mitts ? 😛
NB: The headband is basically a very long chain closed in a circle, which she folds in 3 to use as a headband

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