This morning’s crafting with the girls

Plume is going to a birthday this afternoon. We decided we would sew her friend a little book cover with felt.
tshirtsFilles2 tshirtsFilles
Then the little sister wanted to sew as well, and it was a good occasion. I made her sew a wing on a little felt bird (her first ever sewing !) and she managed well, with me by her side. I found it helped sometimes to draw a point with a pen and say “insert your needle here”. 😛
A pretty button made the eye. Then we had a bird, and I was not too sure what to make of it…

So I just appliqued it onto one of her plain t-shirts, and now she has an awesome new shirt, which she made herself !!!

At the same time, Plume prepared all the templates for her friend’s name, cut them out of the felt, prepared another template for a cat, chose all the buttons, stitched the mustaches and buttons on the cat’s face…
She even machine sewed the corners of the book cover !

So now I’ve got 2 little seamstresses at home to help ! 🙂

Also a little knitting and crochet going on, I’ll show those soon…

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