More vintage french spindles…

M6aPushed by a customer, I have finally listed more vintage french spindles on Etsy today.
DancingPop2cut mitts2
Speaking of Etsy. I started a second shop to separate the DIY items (patterns, spindles, fiber…) from the items that are ready to purchase.

My new store is called ChezPlum Things. For the moment I have mostly relisted items which were already in my main store (a Violaine, a Roselette, a few pairs of mitts and Altay hats…) and added a few forgotten samples… but I’m also hoping to add sewn items soon. My hands are itching to sew pretty things. 😛

Autumn is here again, and it’s my favorite time of the year (probably because it’s my birth-month). I have so many projects in mind…
I started a Provence baby cardi for my niece’s baptism but it turned out ugly and is already half frogged. Was hard to get back into knitting 😉
Now I’m knitting again on my asymetrical crazy collar cardi. I need new sweaters, and to reduce my pile of WIPs !

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