Matryoschka love

BagMatryoshcka2 Bagmatryoshka1 Bagmatryoshka3Nothing like a few matryoshkas to brighten up an otherwise plain bag..
Plume needed a bag for her gym shoes. I also made one for Nell so she’d have a pretty one for her school things just like her big sister… 🙂 The second one (brown & pink) totally looked like a skirt until the last seam: so many possibilities !!
(Matryoschka fabric purchased on Etsy)
And to add to my collection of matriochkas and russian nesting dolls, I have just received those this morning. So cute ! 🙂

2 thoughts on “Matryoschka love

  1. Kathleen Reply

    What adorable fabric!!! I love it.

    I have one matriochkas which is nesting mermaids and the tiny little last one is a little octopus. So cute.

  2. Noor Reply

    Wow, I love what you did with the babuhska fabric!! Your girls must be so happy taking these bags to school:D

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