Elfin slippers

It won’t come as a surprise that I love granny squares. I also love to think about all the possible shapes you can achieve with something as simple as a granny square.
I fell in love with this design the minute I saw it. The instructions are very basic but once you know the basics of crochet you don’t need much more anyways.
I had to try it right away, and started with a 4mm hook and pretty coton. Loved how a “failed square” that won’t lay flat transforms into a cute elfin slipper once you fold it. So simple yet so smart !!!!
That first one was a bit too floppy to work great though.
So I started again, this time with a 5mm hook and double-stranded baby yarn (probably mostly acrylic, which will work great for slippers !). The fabric is much denser and the resulting slipper is cute. Prune got excited right away, calling them “princess slippers”.
Am nearly done with the second one, will just need to add soles as that yarn is extra-super-slippery 😛

Btw, the lady who designed this is from Chile. She’s got a couple other cool patterns which she shares here.

3 thoughts on “Elfin slippers

  1. Gabriela Ordenes Reply

    And i loved the colours that you used to try this slippers.
    Violet and purple are my fav colours, and i think that’s colour are my soul colour too.
    I will love to see your pair of granny-slippers finished, because you are so creative and i’m sure that you job will be great :D:D:D:D

    Thank you for your beautiful descriptions, and thank you for be patient with my English, i’m learn alone 😉

    Kisses from Chile, and good luck, Gabriela.

  2. Monika Reply

    Hello, I am desperately trying to find this pattern. It was available free on Gabriela’s blog that exist no more. Can you point me to a link or a site? Thank you so much, Monika.

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