I know I’ve said it often already, but I will say it again: I LOVE Ravelry !!
RavelryTabs3 RavelryTabs2
Maybe this feature is not so new, but I just noticed it today: you can now organise your projects in personal tabs. So cool !! Exactly what I needed to get a better look at my projects. Like all my Granny square based projects… 🙂
And who knew I made so many sweaters and wearables ? 😛 😀

Have your organised yours yet ? Was I the only one not to know ?
(again! Like I didn’t realise the Rav’ team were coming to France last week until a couple days afterwards… 🙁 )

3 thoughts on “Rav’love

  1. Emily Reply

    I did that with my queued items. Have yet to do it to my projects. If only I had more time!

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