Off to the Clinic, and Gallery pics !

So I’m leaving this afternoon for the clinic, where I’ll be operated on tomorrow morning (french time). Thanks for all your well wishes, I hope I won’t be too tired when I get out on friday… Of course I’m taking some crochet and knitting with me, along with a few good books… 🙂

I’ve started receiving some great pics to add to my Gallery: Yay, keep sending them (before march 30th) and get discounts on your next pattern purchase : 50 % per set of pics of a for-sale-pattern item. Discounts add up so you’ll get a free pattern for pictures of 2 items made with my for-sale-patterns !!
Holly (pics above) made those amazingly cute 2 Roselettes. What can I say, so darling and I’m in love with the pink and lettuce one. She’s getting a free pattern for those pics ! 😀
Carol is “currently finishing my third of the adult version and just love your patterns. Nice and easy to work and to follow and look so good finished. Can’t wait for the larger sizes since I can’t seem to work enough of these. (Picture is of the first adult one I made.)“. She’s getting 50% off her next pattern purchase ! 😀
And finally, Liza was so kind and helped me test the new instructions for the size 6 of the Roselette, and shared those pics of the sweater modelled by both her daughters.

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