Hand carders: the very beginning of the learning curve

This week I received my brand new Ashford hand carders. Of course I had to try them right away !! The first tries were not great : from looking on Youtube I see I wasn’t doing it properly, will watch some videos next time I try!!
I first tried to card some random white wool with leftovers of Silk Garden. But I carded them way too much and the colors are so blended (yep, that’s the gray-ish mini-skein) you can’t even see anything any more.. Will try again !

Then I carded several colored bits of roving and this time already looked better. (that’s the purple mini-skein). Starting to see the possibilities… 😉
The mini brown plied yarn you see was a test with some washed fleece I got from my fav Ebay seller, “Forestfibres” (reliable and good shipping rates to France). Still quite full of lanolin, I love that organic feeling ! 😛 The very textured batts I spun before (he 2 fat ones on right side of pic) had some neps of white wool full of lanolin and I got to really like it. Now my goal is to try and make some similar mini-batts/rolags. Wish me luck.. 😛

I’ve also received more goodies in the mail: more beautiful batts from the Fiber Swap Club, along with the cutest stitchmarkers. The chocolate was of course eaten within minutes of opening the package !! 😛 (yes the little ones helped me). And a super cute WPI tool I won in a blog contest hosted by Diane from Needles on the move. Sweet isn’t it ? (I borrowed her pic until I take one to replace it later today, I hope that’s ok)

I did crochet a bit this week on several projects but I’ll show pics as soon as they’re done. (maybe that will add a motivation to keep working on them)

Oh, and one last thing: When I got my swap package PRUNE was like “me too I’d like to receive a package”. And I thought Why not actually ? Would there be a little girl around (prune is 4 1/2 ) who would like to SWAP a package with her, with only handmade/crafted things ? Like maybe drawings, a handmade necklace, handmade dolls.. or whatever. With maybe some exotic sweets for the “international culture” aspect… 😉

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