Some knitting, and lots of spinning/dyeing

Hi eveybody, so I think I’ve fixed some things around here. For some reason there was some automatic rewriting of my main url ( becoming Seems it blocked some feedreaders, and I’m hoping this was the reason for the bug in my pattern-download system. (if you still have any trouble uploading a pattern, please let me know!)

I’ve also finally done some long-due updating of the Gallery with 2 more Violaine tops. 🙂

I don’t knit very much these days, only a couple rows every other night. So progress is slow, but steady.
The lace pattern requires some attention so it’s not exactly mindless knitting for me… I’m a bit afraid that the sleeves will be giganormous, but might decrease 7 st on the first round. We’ll see when we get there.

Here’s the package I received on saturday for July’s Fiber Swap Club: really cool handpainted merino combed top, plus some Camel fiber to try (Yum!). I couldn’t resist and started spinning it right away.. 😛
For once I’ll try to be consistent and spin it all the same to get a decent yardage of 2-ply…

Yesterday night I dyed some combed top, trying to get some bottlegreen and gunmetal grey for the Raffle’s winner of a custom hank of handspun. My first try (far right) gave quite a different result from expected but it won’t be lost for everybody… 😉
I’ll give the middle roving another dip in a blue bath and hopefully it should be all good…

Remember that gold and purple merino roving ? It resulted into 3 different skeins, all of different weights.. 😛 If I were to do it again, I’d try to aim for all bulky though…

And finally here’s a mini skein that resulted from an experiment with black and hot fuschia. I love how the colors blended in such an unexpectedly soft purple.. 😀

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