And the winners are…

The winners of my Summer Raffle are :
(I had to draw an aditional number as I thought it’d be more fair not to have one person win several prizes)

– winning a set of ALL my knitting and crochet patterns: tickets # 26 (5elementknitr), 45 (Tasha H.), 39 (Katie O.)
– winning a skein of handspun yarn from my Etsy store : ticket # 14 (Ruby G K.)
– winning a custom handspun and hand-dyed skein : ticket # 4 (katy B.)

I will be emailing you all right away, congrats !

Thanks again to all those who generouly made this Raffle a success !

We raised $100 for my friend which I’ll give her today, along with all the kind messages you sent for her ! 😀

2 thoughts on “And the winners are…

  1. EL Reply

    Welcome back in more than one sense. I have not been able to connect to your blog since your “last post” on May 28. I thought you had abandoned the blog for other projects. Today I was about to delete the link when tout d’un coup, it’s all there! I missed the entire raffle. Oh well, good to see you again, I enjoy your blog.

  2. Katy B Reply

    I’m so excited to be a winner and I’ll be following the progress of my yarn right here. I’ve been knitting for 26 years and never ever have I worked with handspun and hand-dyed wool but I have a feeling it’s going to be a bit like when you fly in First after always flying in Coach – I may never want to go back…

    Thank you in advance for such a wonderful prize

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