Plying boucle yarns

So I did ply my single with a strand of lilac Aurore. I really like the outcome (and I got 92 m this time, Yay !!). So much so that I ended up listing it on Etsy (not as in “I don’t like it so let’s sell it” but rather as in “wow, it’s actually good enough to sell” ! 😉 .
If it doesn’t sell, I’ll have fun playing with it…

I also plied another single with a strand of yellow Aurore. Not as exciting, but still interesting: Makes a different yarn, plus it’s very gratifying to get so much yardage (107 m) in half the time. I’ll probably spin the rest of this batt in a worsted weight single.
As usual, details and more pics on Flickr or Ravelry.

I had heard that spinning your own yarns gets you to learn so much more about yarn, and it’s so true !! I really don’t look at yarn the same way any more. And part of the excitement of spinning is to discover what yarn will come out of my experiments.. 😛

In other news, I’ve decided I need to work on all those patterns that are so close to being ready (let’s see how long this resolution stands.. ;- ) and I’ve nearly finished the pattern for my Wee Booties. I’ll be looking for a few testers soon. A good time to sign up for my testers’ Newsletter if you’re interested …

3 thoughts on “Plying boucle yarns

  1. sara Reply

    Hello dear Sylvie, wow! You are a great “spinner”! Thats something I have never tried, to spin! I guess it takes a lot of practice hã? But your threads are getting wonderful!

    Thank you for visiting my blog and leaving such nice comment.
    Have a very nice weekend chèrie!
    Sara Aires

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