New gear

I broke several hooks lately (including my favorite ever bone hook) so I tried to refurbish my stock. Look at the set I received this morning. There’s a 4.5 mm, a 5 mm (made of Olive wood no less!), a 8 mm and a 10 mm. Can’t wait to try them and see if they’re as smooth to work with as my new Susan Baites. They were made by this guy (also here).
And now I have to stop looking at his new listings or I’ll want more..! 😛

I also received lots of pretty Colinette yarn from Maylin: 5 hanks of Point 5 (Castagna), 5 hanks of Prism (blue parrot) and this skein of Fandango that wants to become the contrasting color of a Disco beret.

I’m currently working on yet another Roselette for my friends daughter. I’ll share a pic as soon as it’s done (= v. soon). I had a vision of a new design for a Kureyon sweater the other night though. It was for a knitted sweater… I might pick up the needles again soon.. 😛

Oh and yesterday I finally made all the pics I needed to finish the pattern for my Wee Booties. Now to work on some layout and wording the instructions and that will be a new pattern.. (will be looking for a few testers btw).

A Banjo Bag spotted here !! Speaking of which… I’ve finally added all your great pictures to the Gallery !! 😀

4 thoughts on “New gear

  1. yvette Reply

    Those hooks are very pretty, I wonder if new hooks would make my crocheting any better? ;0)
    I am up for testing a sewing pattern if you need me.

  2. val Reply

    sylvie did you have to show those hooks! im loving the bright orange one he has on etsy!

  3. maylin Reply

    What fabulous crochet hooks, I just went and looked at the shop and had difficulty not buying! Can’t wait to see what you make with the Colinette.

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