My first nearly-Xmas-FO + freebies !

I was not in the mood this year and have hardly prepared any Xmas presents at all. But that’s ok, I have stuff for the kids and nephews etc… and we mostly enjoy to be all together at this time of the year. I really love not having this pressure to prepare presents for everyone anymore.(in-laws family decided last year we’re only doing presents for the kids)

I did have a very short list of things I wanted to make though. Small things, quick. Crocheted.

The first one (and most urgent, as the others can wait a bit) was something for my friend’s birthday on saturday. Technically it’s not even a Xmas present !! 🙂 I’ll only give you a slight preview in case he’s lurking in here.:
Next on the list is a Roselette for my niece. And a couple berets..

And now for the promised GALLERY CONTEST : I always love to add more pics to my Gallery.

Send me your pics of finished ChezPlum items (including the free patterns!) to my email addy before January 20th.
And there’s Prizes !!

* One grand prize will get a skein of french yarn + french circular needles + 2 free patterns
* Second and third prize will get a skein of french yarn + 1 free pattern
* Fourth to tenth prize (if applicable) will get a free pattern of their choice

The only rules are:
– Pictures can date back from whenever, if they’re not yet published in my Gallery (not the Flickr one) you’re welcome to send them in !
– Send the pictures to my email address (sylvie – AT – chezplum – DOT – com ) with “Gallery” in subject, along with any details you may add (blog url, comments etc…)
– Send the pics before January 15th 2008.
– Each person can send as many pictures as they like.
Isabeau purses and Lacanau sandals (the free patterns) are also eligible to win!
– ..and I guess that’s about it for now. Just ask if you have any question !! 🙂

ETA: I’ve realised that I won’t be home on the 15th so I’m extending the deadline until Jan. 20th.
Also, because I like diversity, I will award one prize for each different pattern represented. So far I’ve only got pics of the Isabeau purse & Banjo bag.. That makes all the more chances to win if you have pictures of another pattern !!!

And spread the word !! 😀

we’re leaving this afternoon for a short week with the family. Happy holidays and Merry Christmas !

2 thoughts on “My first nearly-Xmas-FO + freebies !

  1. maylin Reply

    I’d better get on and finish the isabeau bag and dancing poppies scarflette hadn’t I? Have you posted bout the contest on Ravelry – there is a thread. The other good word spreader is Lots of people check her sight for contests so if you haven’t done so it is worth dropping her a line – good blog too.

  2. tanya Reply

    hi there, just stumbled upon your site! love your patterns and gallery. Off to knit the bag now and saw a few for purchase i may have to get too! beautiful work!

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