Lacanau !!!

My pattern in the summer Knitty is finally out !!
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I hope if anybody ever tries making a pair they’ll send me pics ! …& I’m actually glad it’s out: didn’t know what I’d blog about this week .. 😉

We’ve had a bit of a heat wave here so I came over to my parent’s place for a few days with the girls. And although I did knit and crochet a bit, there’s not much I could show: the little skirt for Prune I had to rip entirely because I ended up not having enough yarn for the shape I was going for. And my other project is a nursery wall-organiser. Only a plain rectangle in progress so far, not so exciting…!

I also want to start on a little crochet toy thingie for my cousin’s new baby (yes, it IS baby time big time these days !). Should be fun, and I have this plan of a collection of 2 or 3 of them for a new pattern… Stay tuned !

6 thoughts on “Lacanau !!!

  1. Sylvana Reply

    I saw your pattern yesterday and as soon as i finish i promise i’ll send pics

  2. Anushka Reply

    They are gorgeous! I really want to make a pair 🙂 I’ll let you know if or when I do.

  3. Susan Reply

    I plan to make these sandals in the near future. I think they’d be perfect for fall Minnesota weather!


  4. Cori Reply

    They are cute and i want to make them! However I only have 3 partial balls of Plassard Bourette left (if only this came out last week…). Did you use the entire of both skeins? I’m hoping I will have enough. Thanks!

  5. Miss Dottie Reply

    Congrats on this Sylvie!

    I had an epiphany this weekend that I need to make these sassy slip ons immediately. They are the perfect thing to wear instead of going barefoot in my house with its wooden floors.

    It’s the perfect houseslipper for the summer. Light yet allows you to walk on the floor the day before I mop!

    I will absolutely send you info and pictures if you’d like when I get started on them, which I hope will be very soon. And they are also nice and small to knit. Yay!

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