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Yay ! My article “Knitting from the french” is now online !! Published in stephanie’s super cool new magazine, Knitting fog , also featuring a fantastic lacy dress free pattern, and an interview of Julie Anderson ! In my article, you’ll find a dictionnary of french to english knitting terms, and the pics link to french free pattern sources.

And look at what we got last night?!! Prune seemed to love it, she even went “exploring” into knee-deep snow (for her!). That’s great, we both LOVE snow too. 😀
Image hosted by Image hosted by

In other news, here’s the beginning of a lacy scarf I’m making. Part of the said stashbusting operation. This yarn had tried to be the Meg Swansen scarf from the fall VK, but I was so afraid I would be short of yarn I frogged it and started again with this lace pattern which I had already been eyeing for a while. And the good surprise was, it’s super easy too ! Only a small section to remember, I loooove that ! This was all knit in the train to and from Uni yesterday. 😀
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Also, it doesn’t show as well on that pic, but the yarn is really cool, it changes colour a bit, from yellowish to some reds mixed in the green… I think it’s going to look nice. I’ll probably add some picots edging for finishing, we’ll see.

..And finally, last but not least, I had my first ultrasound this morning. Yess…, cause I’m 2 months and a bit pregant.. !!
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I’ve known for a while now, but I just didn’t want to tell too early. Thought this would be a good occasion.. 😉 Apparently all is fine so far, 2 arms, 2 legs, … and only one baby ! 😉
I was actually glad to have this opportunity to “see” the baby-in-the-making (apparently it’s about 10 cm long), cause between prune and going back to school ..and not being as sick as for prune at all (which is good !!) .. sometimes I really forget I’m pregnant. Except my back is starting to ache these days.. Plus of course the boobs thing .. 😉

10 thoughts on “Published !

  1. sylv Reply

    Hey Maenwyn, did you mean “in french” ? Cause it is indeed a good question (there’s no equivalent to that classification in french, you just go by the needles & gauge), I’ll add something about that in the article !!

  2. yahaira Reply


    Prune looks so cute in the snow. : )

    The scarf looks great, can’t wait to see it finished

  3. karen Reply

    et cachotiere !!! felicitation aux Parents et a la future “grande” soeur, elle qui est si petite ca me fait drole d’ecrire ca !

    quand je me souviens de ma grossesse, lever a 12 ou 13h, je ne pourrais pas faire ca si je tombais enceinte maintenant avec une “grande” a m’occuper…. pas trop difficile ?

    en tout cas, il est deja bien beau ce BB….

    beau progres sur ton echarpe – elle ressemble un peu a Birch je trouve avec ses feuilles.

    et congrat aussi pour l’article ;o)

  4. Maenwyn Reply

    Yes, I meant in French. I’ve been thinking about this for a while and didn’t have anyone to ask. We mostly speak English and Spanish here in Missouri.

    It’s a great atricle.

  5. christine Reply

    Sylvie!! Yey! Big sigh of relief, I can actually go blabbing that you’re preggers too now!!!
    I was DYING to blab about it on my blog!
    LOVE the scarf, LOVE the hats!
    Congrats on the article!!

  6. Sarah Reply

    Congratulations! Cute baby #2 on the way!!! There must be something in the water here in Blogland… everybody’s makin babies! 🙂

  7. lucia Reply

    Thanks for the link to Knitting From The French(Strangely enough, I mostly learned to knit in French. I was an exchange student in Lyons. I still have all my lean to knit boods in French!

    I couldn’t find a private email, but I wanted to mention your sidebar is “broken” in Netscape Navigator. On my browser, there is a bland space to the left or the content, then the sidebard is shifted down below all the articles.

    I think the problem is the text doesn’t wrap, so the sidebar ends up wider than the space you budgeted. Then, navigator shifts it down!

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