Creativa craft fair, with free spinning and crochet workshops

  • My newest design, with a custom made business-card holder.. 🙂

Last week, I had a fabulous opportunity to show my work at a large craft fair here in Grenoble, “Creativa”. We were invited with our Grenoble knitting group to organise free workshops, catter a knitting corner.. and display/advertise for our crafty businesses.

I went there for 2 days, and it was a fabulous opportunity to meet so many passionate crafters and crocheters ! Always amazing to meet in person people who’ll come up and say “I read your blog” or “I love your designs !”…

It’s also very interesting to hear what they have to say about some designs, or to hear about the other blogs they read (Oh my, I never-ever thought I’d meet another frenchie reading OmaKoppa !!)

ANd of course, I enjoyed immensely sharing my passion for crochet and spindle spinning during both the organised and impromptu workshops.

Hoping we can go again next year !!

Oh and yes, you can see my newest hooded jacket is now finished !! It gathered a lot of interest.. hoping to publish the pattern next week.

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