French interview, plus some felting & crochet..

A few weeks ago, Cathe asked me to take part in a serie of interviews of french crochet designers for the french online Yarnzine “In the loop”, and today the article was published. Have a look !

felted purses by Sylvie Damey, felting workshop, grenoble vercors, france
Last week was my first ever “official felting workshop”. I had prepared some samples of felted purses and pouches to show them how amazing this material i: now of course I want to make more ! 😛
felted wool purse workshop grenoble vercors france felted purses workshop grenoble vercors france
The workshop went beautifully – except we were short on time; Next time we’ll need 3 hours – and I love to see the variety of the felted purses each one made. This is even more true when you consider that there were both kids and adults in this workshop ! But it was great to see the interaction between each parent and their kid, how they re-explained what they had just learned. We’ll certainly do this again. (btw: if you live near Grenoble or the Vercors here in France, you could come to one of our wool/textile workshops !)

Myrtille tunic asymmetric, crochet pattern by Sylvie Damey ChezPlum crochet tunic, Sylvie Damey, ChezPlum 2012 - all rights reserved
And while the testing of the pattern of my “Myrtille tunic” is nearly over and the pattern should be released shortly… I’m working on a second asymmetric tunic/mini-dress. This one is for my friend A., who dreamt I made her a beautiful dress about a year ago. But this one is such a long story. Anyhow, I decided to make hers a bit different so there won’t be a granny triangle but long pointy end made with increases on one side. Let’s hope it will turn out as planned !

2 thoughts on “French interview, plus some felting & crochet..

  1. EL Reply

    What a nice interview, and may I say, I also learned a lot of French vocabulary. 😉 The “Mytrille” is intriguing. Seems that one could put many different kinds of square at the corner, not just a granny.

    • Administrator Reply

      Thanks ! As for the Myrtille, it’s actually a triangle granny.. but you’re right, you could use any triangle motif !! It’s actually a good idea too, there are so many lovely triangle motifs out there (plus I’m giving the finished dimensions of the triangle in the pattern anyways)

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